Of Sunsets in Joburg

Another poem about a city I love :

I have also tried to write a poem about Johannesburg sunsets and failed.

This is my final attempt to capture what words cannot describe.

Sunsets in Joburg are romantic.

You want to fall in love in an instant.

Sunsets in Joburg are cinematic.

Even with short hair or no hair.

You want to run in the wind towards the sun!

Even though the sun is at its weakest.

You can feel it’s warmth from a distance.

It truly feels like a movie.

Sunsets in Joburg are filled with music.

Hoots from a sea of taxis and cars.

Screeches from their tyres.

Screams and shouts from random places.

All meet and make love in the air.

Even among this romance,

You can sense danger in the air.

The scent of a blade or gunsmoke.

You whisper a silent prayer

Hoping your feet carry you home safely.

Despite this,

Sunsets in Joburg feel like honey.

As thousands of people coming from work,

Retreat like bees

Headed home,

In search of peace.

Image Credits : https://twitter.com/KupfuwaJeremy


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