11 Spring Reset Ideas for University Students.

Spring is officially here!

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Today I wanted to talk about spring reset ideas for university students. I had actually written a whole different blog but noticed a blogger on my timeline who had written something similar so I thought let me niche out and write something specifically for students.

Okay that being said………

We are officially in Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere I hope you stay and share with us your favorite spring reset ideas in the comments.

University is quite challenging and spring finds you deep in the final semester and that means exams are coming soon. The final semester can be quite draining and I am hoping these reset ideas help you rejuvenate to get you prepared for the final battle. A reset is like switching off a malfunctioning device only to find it working again after switching it on so let’s get that process started with these suggestions :

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Grossly underrated but changing your sleeping patterns and making your body adjust to a new body clock might work in your favor. It will challenge you and guess what? Challenge is good! Challenge = growth. It will give you the feeling of doing something new and by extension that also means a much needed reset which is exactly what we are talking about today.

If you were a night owl during winter, sleep early and wake up early.

If you were in bed by 9pm during winter, maybe it’s time for to be a night owl and sleep late.

But why you may ask?

To break a monotonous habit that you are used to and actually refresh.

It might be great for your mental health. Like I said in the beginning, a challenge offers opportunities for personal growth and growth is always good!


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Now I bet you must be thinking “uhmm what?!”

Hear me out….

Changing your bedding from whatever you were using in winter and putting something new would be a great idea to refresh you whenever you walk into your room from a long day of boring lectures.

There is something called color psychology, so you might want to pick refreshing colors like white, blue, green, gray, yellow, pink etc.

It’s an unwritten rule but the bed you use in university is your safe space in a chaotic academic world so make sure it is welcoming.

If you are a broke student (as it is the norm in university) call your mum or any motherly figure in your life. Trust me she has something locked up in her house and she will be happy to help or better yet ……offer you money to buy it yourself! Sounds great right?

Let’s move to the next point.


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Do you know those moments when you plan to study and just never study at all?

Procrastination just cripples you and you turn to your phone and aimlessly scroll on the timeline?

Or you decide to binge your new favorite Netflix series?

Well since it’s spring, you might want to pick new outdoor hobbies that will make you leave your bed and just get out there and experience life.

We spend so much time engrossed in virtual worlds ignoring the one in front of us.

Practical and easy-to-do outdoor hobbies such as photography ( with your own phone) and exercise will be much more beneficial than countless hours on social media and Netflix.

Besides outdoor activities might release feel-good hormones such as serotonin and endorphins so why not?


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If there is anyone who understands the spontaneity of university life that would be me.

Sometimes you are just too tired to cook so you open that app that starts with U ( Not mentioning for legal reasons) but you know the app. Among countless other ways to order food online and before we even get to that, countless fast food joints around campus that force you to indulge in their delicious food.

Eating junk is easy while in university but before you know it, you have spent a lot of money and you are nearly broke before your next allowance arrives or salary if you work part time.

Meal planning reduces that spontaneous lifestyle, helps you stay in charge of your diet and saves you money. Most importantly help you reset your eating habits which is what is needed!

If you stay at home, you are also not exempt from this. Plan your meals and carry that lunchbox!

Side Note : Sunday is a great day to meal plan.


Photo by nappy on Pexels.com

Now this sounds like high school advice and it sounds like something that would take time away from your studies when you need time to study but that is just a myth.

I took part in two student councils in my undergraduate years and I spent at most 3 hours per week on council work.

Actually the busier you are the better, because you understand how precious time is and makes you more productive when you find time to sit down and study. While I acknowledge there are students who make use of lots of free time to study but I would like to argue a majority usually spend it on social media/Netflix/ clubbing.

Getting yourself more involved in things outside course content will break your monotonous routine and reset your life.


Photo by Gabriel Bulz on Pexels.com

Another grossly underrated tactic.

Some students study at the same place from beginning to end of the year. I mean this is good while setting a routine to automate your habits but you might want to change that favorite spot to something different just to break that monotony.

I keep mentioning this because doing the same things over and over again makes everything boring and a chore.

Switching it up might help to bring back some excitement in your student life and help you reset and geared up for the upcoming exam season.

Part time students, you might want to ditch your house on the weekend, study on campus if it’s accessible or join a local library to just switch it up and give you a reset needed for the upcoming exam season.

There are many other ways to reset your student life this season

Bonus tips

7. Getting a new bag.

8. Changing your laptop wallpaper.

9. Getting a plant.

10. Volunteering

11. Joining a peer support group.


This blog is not an exhaustive list however, the lesson here is that it is crucial to reset your student life to avoid the monotony of life in university/college especially towards the end of the year. This will refresh you and get you ready for the upcoming exam season!

If you have additional tips, drop them in the comments. Thank you for reading and take care!

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