Creative Burnout & Failing Forward.

Creatives let’s talk.

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. If you are new here, welcome to one of the best places on WordPress! Hop right in and take a comfortable seat. Today I want to take you on a short ride and talk about creative burnouts and the concept of “failing forward”.

After the Afrobloggers’ WinterABC2022 Blogging Festival, I was on a roll. I started writing again. That challenge created a habit I have always wanted to cultivate and that is writing regularly. When people speak about not understanding what their passion /goals/ purpose etc…..I honestly cannot relate. Writing to me is a calling. This is my passion. This is my purpose. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I am working towards being a paid writer because that will be living my wildest dreams. Being a paid writer and writing as an expression too? That will be incredible!

Having said that, can you imagine the feeling when you cannot write. That feeling crept up on me two weeks ago and I took a break from blogging. That feeling snowballs when you open your drafts, and nothing speaks back to you. It’s just a bunch of words and you feel zero connection to them. That is when I realized okay maybe you have a creative burnout and that is okay because you have been writing and pumping out content. The tank is bound to run out and boy did it run out.

My train crashed.

I just spent the first week doing nothing creatively. It was empty. There was nothing there.

Second week I decided let me try another creative outlet and that is where the concept of failing forwards came in.

I started creating Instagram reels and slapped my old tweets on them. In our world it’s called repurposing content and I am sure you have heard this term before. That is what I did, I started repurposing my old content to fill the void of not being able to create content.

My first reel was terrible, and I beat myself over it because I always strive towards creating content with a visual aesthetic. However, I decided I was going to post it and learn from it. After that I had conversations with two creators who gave me tips and suggestions on how to create proper reels.

Suddenly I burst into the world of reels, and I became obsessed. My twitter family know this because I used every opportunity this past week to talk about them. I started repurposing my short tweets into video format. The tweets were not anything ground-breaking to be honest, but I just wanted to see how the reels would perform. For a starter I am happy with how they went, bigger accounts would probably be stressed out, but I am happy with my progress and cannot wait to grow even more.

This is when the notion of failing forwards resonated me and added meaning to what I am going through. I have been on a self-discovery journey of seeing the person that I will be without the perfectionism. Everything has been fun since I started unlearning perfectionism. I second guess myself less. I question myself less. I just go with the flow and see where it takes me. I am accepting that not every move I make should be perfect or polished. I will flop along the way and “failure” in whatever format it may come should not stop me. I should continue to create even if it is the worst thing ever to exist in the creative world. I should produce it and accept it as it is.

I recently posted two poems that I created on a whim I did not pLan them at all. The inspiration hit me and I just put words onto pen and boom! I had created art. I cannot say I am out of the creative burnout yet but I can feel the creative juices trickling back.

Unlike my other blogs, today I do not have a final thoughts or conclusion section. This blog was just written without prior planning to be honest. We are failing forwards.

Thank you for reading and until next time. Take care!


8 thoughts on “Creative Burnout & Failing Forward.

  1. This is one of my best articles from you. You need to teach me to write consistently, its my passion but chasing money gets in the way. And i like what you said about perfectionism, it kills the creative spirit coz nothing is really perfect. Everyday is a lesson and not everyone will love what we put out.

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    1. Hey Jordana, Thank you haha, I did not put much thought into this so this is a big compliment. To be honest there is no perfect formula but I would suggest what I wrote on. Just remove the pressure and write what you have on your mind lately. I would suggest writing for an hour everyday and save whatever you wrote then publish the blog after you are happy. I have drafts , some will not make it here. Some will but writing everyday helps.

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