Cotton Candy

My poetic juices are flowing lately here is another poem :

The streets say you have moved on.

They whispered in my ears.

They say you have a new boy toy,

Whose smile is white as cotton candy.

I didn’t know if that is a hyperbole,

But now that I have seen him

My self-esteem has been shaking.

When he feeds you cotton candy,

Your heart will stick like your fingers,

And that will make you happy.

I want you to know that I share your happiness.

For it has given me closure.

Although this is selfish,

I just know one thing.

The fruits I grew in my backyard

Will never match the sweetness in his cotton candy.

Although you do not really need it.

 I give you my endorsement.

Although you are clueless,

You just gave me closure.


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