A Summer Escape.

Another Jozi-love- heartbreak inspired poem

Maybe I shouldn’t be too angry at you,

You offered an escape when my sky was falling.

I hope you know you helped me escape,

You were a rare sight like a comet.

You were an ecstasy.

A summer dream.

You were a true distraction.

The one that keeps you in a trance.

Maybe that is why I am angry.

Us parting woke me up.

I predicted our ending,

It was written in your face

The day we were driving in that chaotic Jozi traffic.

You were just too good to be true.

Wherever you are,

I hope he is giving you a real summer escape……

Photo Credits : https://twitter.com/KupfuwaJeremy/status/1589177899894001664?s=20&t=2-ylNGfYU5dM4vMMNECLuQ


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